Texas Pathways logo Temple College has been selected to continue its participation in a statewide student success initiative known as the Texas Pathways Project.

The initiative is designed to ensure that students attending community colleges either graduate with a credential or transfer to a four-year institution. This is done by creating “pathways” that clearly guide students from the selection of their high school endorsement through the attainment of a college degree or credential.

Temple College was one of the first 12 community colleges selected to participate in the Texas Pathways Project in July 2016. The new grant will fund participation in the project through spring 2022.

In the initial phase of the project, colleges focused on creating their guided pathways. The next phase of the project will provide support to colleges as they implement their pathways. Both administrators and members of the Board of Trustees will attend a total of nine Pathways institutes in the next three years.

Dr. Susan Guzman-Trevino, vice president for academic affairs, leads Temple College’s participation in the Texas Pathways Project.

Thanks to support provided by the Pathways initiative, Guzman-Trevino said Temple College has made “great strides” in developing degree maps in the past three years. In the next three years, she said the college will build on its progress by focusing on the student intake process and expanding partnerships with ISDs, businesses and communities.

The Texas Pathways Project is supported by an $11 million, five-year grant funded by several foundations and state agencies. It is administered by the Texas Success Center, which is a division of the Texas Association of Community Colleges. For more information on the project, visit https://tacc.org/tsc.