Temple College Trustees have set the tuition and fees for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The new rates for tuition and fees will be $99 per semester credit hour for in-district students, $172 per semester credit hour for out-of-district students, and $252 per semester credit hour for out-of-state and international students.

These prices represent a $2 increase in tuition per semester credit hour for all students and an additional $1 increase in fees for out-of-district students. Trustees said the increases are necessary to allow the college to boost enrollment in its health professions programs and retain a quality workforce.

This is only the third time since 2011 that Trustees have voted to increase tuition. The last major tuition increase came in fall 2017.

Van Miller, vice president for administrative services, said administrators have decided that going forward, it will be better to keep up with rising costs by having small annual increases in tuition rather than large increases after several years with no increase. 

Enrollment for the fall 2018 semester begins April 30 and continues through August 16. Enrollment for the spring 2019 semester will begin Oct. 29.