Chemistry Lab


Job Title

Lab Worker



Job Description

Performs general tasks in the chemistry laboratory prep room at the discretion of the lab manager. Tasks may include: chemical inventory updates; gathering or organizing lab supplies; cleaning & maintaining glassware and equipment; supervising and/or assisting students with equipment during lab. Must meet all College employment requirements. Must be physically present on campus. Training is provided.

Required Skills

Detail-oriented, organization, team-player, quick-learner, flexible. Communicate and work with students, staff, and faculty of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Maintain TC’s core values of Respect, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Communication, and Excellence.

Preferred Skills:

Completion of Chemistry 1405 or 1411. Able to assist students with lab experiments.

Eligibility Specific Requirements:

Students must have applied for Financial Aid and maintain a completion rate of 67% and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students must be continually enrolled as a half-time student (6 credit hours).

Number of Positions