Important 2022 Election Dates

Application for a Place on the Ballot

This application is to be filed with Judy Dohnalik in the Temple College President’s Office no earlier than Wednesday, January 19, 2022, or no later than Friday, February 18, 2022.

This application can be sworn to before: 1) a judge, clerk of commissioner of any court of record; 2) a notary public; 3) a justice of the peace; or 4) the Secretary of the State of Texas.

To be eligible to be a candidate for the office of Temple Junior College District Trustee, a person must be a REGISTERED voter and reside in the College District.

Details on eligibility for public office in Texas

Details on eligibility for office of political subdivisions other than county or city

Details on withdrawing as a candidate for office

Information on write-in candidacies

ETHICS INFORMATION – Texas Ethics Commission

2022 Filing Schedule for Reports Due in Connection with Elections Held on Uniform Election Dates

Campaign Finance Guide for Candidates and Officeholders Who File with Local Filing Authorities

Chapter 258, Election Code - Fair Campaign Practices



Form ACTA Instruction Guide

Form CFCP – Code of Fair Campaign Practices

Form C/OH

Form C/OH Instruction Guide

Form CTA – Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer

Form CTA Instruction Guide


Political Advertising - What You Need to Know (Texas Ethics Commission)

Additional information on political advertising and campaign communications (Chapter 255 of the Texas Election Code)

Information on signs and advertising in Temple (Chapter 22, Article II of the City of Temple Code of Ordinances)

Detailed information about signs allowed in Temple (Article 7, Section 7.6 of the city’s Uniform Development Code)

Placing campaign signs in right-of-ways (Texas Department of Transportation)